Is Your Dog Telling You It’s Too Cold to go Outside – Maybe He Needs a Coat!

Winter temperatures this year have been brutal.  And not only do we not like to be out in the cold weather, neither do our pets!  While some dogs are made to live in chilly climates, not all dogs are.  And yes, some dogs really do need coats to go outside in frigid temperatures.  Very thin and short-haired dogs may need a little extra protection in the elements, and for them, a coat can go a long way in making the time they have to be outdoors more bearable.

Dogs More Likely to Need a Coat

  • Senior Dogs:  Older dogs have poorer circulation and can feel the cold quicker than younger dogs.  Additionally, they can be more susceptible to illnesses.
  • Sick Dogs:  Dogs that are ill should be protected from cold weather
  • Small/Toy Breeds:  Smaller dogs get cold quicker than larger dogs.  Compared to their overall mass, they have more exposure to the elements than larger dogs and it is harder to maintain their body heat.
  • Thin Dogs:  Dogs without the extra layer of fat can lose body heat faster.
  • Short-Haired Dogs:  Less fur means less insulation.

How to Pick the Right Coat

Knowing that your dog might benefit from a dog coat is just the first step.  There are many factors that can affect picking the right coat for your dog, from climate and insulation needs to the activity level of your dog.  For more information on how to pick the right coat for your dog, read Ingrid Mangold’s post on the 12 Best Dog Winter Coats: Keeping Your Canine Warm this Winter!

And don’t forget to send us a picture of your dog enjoying his winter coat!