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You will Enjoy These Exclusive Woofin’ It Petgrams While You’re Away!

The girls are laying in the sun and working on their tan today on the back deck!

Molly and Evie

Penny did not want to put her leash on today, but we talked and she understands that she has to, so she can go in the back yard.


Today’s adventure with Logan included him picking up his daddy’s sneaker and walking with it. After a minute, I retrieved the sneaker with no damage to either party ????


King and Georgia are loving their new Kongs….and the treats and peanut butter that are inside them! They had lots of outside playtime today, so they should be ready for their afternoon naps.

King and Georgia

Bailey came and sat on the couch with me and didn’t seem scared…until Rhaegar sat on top of him…????


Kush was hanging with the bigger boys today, had fun in the backyard, and was loving his treats!


Walter was upset that I didn’t get his treats fast enough for him….all better now.


Norman was excited to show me his new toy! And he was sulking when it was time to come back inside.