Taking a Bite out of Dog Food

Taking a Bite out of Dog Food


Exploring the world of dog food can feel like you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew! Don’t worry, Woofin’ It Pet Concierge in Frederick, MD is serving up some bite-size tips on types of dog food.

There are 5 main types of dog food: 

  • Dry 
  • Canned 
  • Semi-Moist
  • Homemade 
  • Raw 

Dry (kibble):

Known for its convenience, dry food is one of the most economical types of dog food. The core concept is to provide complete nutrition in an easy to feed format while promoting good dental care by helping to remove bacteria around gums and between teeth with its abrasive nature while chewing.

Canned (wet):

Considered to be one of the more tasty dog food options, canned food is available in a wide variety of flavors. Canned food contains about 75% water, good for helping with digestion and flushing waste from the digestive tract. The high water percentage also means less nutritional value per serving, your dog may need to consume more to meet nutritional needs.


Manufactured into fun shapes like pork chops, chicken legs and hamburgers semi-moist dog food is generally high in sugar, salt, artificial flavour and coloring. Generally not considered a great option for all dogs, semi-moist dog food is better served as an occasional treat.


Having complete control over quality and ingredients, many dog owners choose to make human-grade homemade meals. Homemade meals can be beneficial for dogs with dietary concerns or special needs. Veterinarians do caution pet owners who choose homemade meal prep to be aware of and prepare for the differences in human vs dog maco-nutrients needs for a healthy diet.


BARF – bones and raw food, also known as a raw food diet for dogs is very popular. One of the biggest reasons dog owners opt for a raw food diet is the elimination of ingredients such as soy, corn, wheat and other grains that can contribute to allergies. It’s one of the more expensive diets as well as has an added health risk to humans due to the handling of raw meat. 

The ultimate choice is yours and whatever keeps your dog healthy, happily, and Woofin’ It down!