Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips in Frederick

Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips in Frederick

Summer is just around the corner here in Frederick! With temperatures on the rise, we all need to ensure we maintain our safety when we spend time outside in the heat with our pups. 

Rising temperatures are favourable for some, but they can be particularly uncomfortable and dangerous for our dogs. We need to be aware of how to keep our dogs safe during the summer months. 

Here at Woofin’ It Dog Walking, we want to bring you some summer dog walking safety tips so you and your dog can enjoy the summer weather as safely and as comfortably as possible. 

To Maintain Summer Dog Walking Safety Take Shorter Walks

Some dogs don’t do so well in the heat. If you have a Husky, an Alaskan Malamute, or even a Pomeranian, they might not like being outside at 3 pm when the sun is at its peak. If you must go out with your dog during the hottest points in the day, try to keep your walks a bit shorter to prevent overheating. Take breaks in the shade so your dog can cool off for a couple of minutes before you continue.

You could also consider taking your dog for a walk earlier in the morning and later in the evening. Temperatures tend to be cooler and less humid at those times, so you and your pup can avoid the summer heat. 

Protect Your Dogs Paws From The Hot Pavement

We may not realize how hot the ground can get because we have shoes on our feet to protect us. Our dogs do not have that luxury, and unfortunately, feel the heat from the ground on their paw pads. Walking on the hot ground for too long can burn and blister your pet’s paws. Try to place your hand on the ground for 10 seconds and it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. If you can, try to have them walk on grassy areas as much as possible to take a break from the pavement. 

Ward Away Summer Pests

We all know how much mosquitoes love to feast on humans, and our dogs are no exception. While a human will suffer from an itchy mosquito bite, the repercussions of your dog getting bit by a mosquito are much worse. Get your dog on a heartworm medication to help combat heartworm disease if a mosquito ever bites them. 

If you spend time in trails or dog parks, ticks and fleas might be waiting in grassy areas to jump on your dog. In the event that your dog does get bitten by a tick, remove it safely and as quickly as possible to prevent any transmission of tick-borne illnesses. There are tick removal tools you can purchase at your local pet supply store to have handy. If you do not feel comfortable removing the tick yourself, you can always bring your dog to your veterinarian. 

Dog Walking Safety Tips in Frederick

Avoid Strenuous Exercise On Extremely Hot Days

High energy breeds like Boxers or Springer Spaniels love to run around and play to expel their pent-up energy. Excessive exercise is probably not the best thing for them to do in hot weather as it can lead to overheating and, even worse: heat stroke. Dogs do not have sweat glands as we do, so it is harder for them to regulate their body temperatures. As mentioned above, you can take your dog out at dusk and dawn when temperatures aren’t so humid so they can enjoy their much-needed playtime! 

Additional Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips

You could also invest in a dog water bottle to bring with you on your walks to keep your dog hydrated on hot days. Don’t forget to pack one for yourself as well! 

When you return home from a dog walk, always have fresh water available for your pup. There is a good chance they will be thirsty after their walk! To help them cool off, try getting them a cooling mat to lay on during the day.

If you have an air conditioner, have that on so that you and your pet can relax in the cool air when you get home. Alternatively, you can turn on your fans to help air circulate around your house.

If you prefer to avoid stepping outside in the heat, hire a pet sitter or a dog walker to get your pets out when you can’t. Check out our dog walking page to see how we can help you this summer with your dog walks!