5 DIY Treats to Make for Your Pets This Summer

5 DIY Treats to Make for Your Pets This Summer

Looking to do something a little extra special for your fur-babies this summer?  Check out these fun and healthy DIY treats recipes, and let us know if you try any of them!


Frozen Coconut Oil and Blueberries

Not only is this a sweet treat that will help cool down your pup, but it may also have some health benefits too. It is believed to be beneficial for pets with inflammatory bowel disease as well as cognitive dysfunction.  However, please be aware that feeding coconut oil on a regular basis will increase the overall fat content in your dog’s diet. It can also worsen pancreatitis.

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Peanut Butter Dog Donuts

Now your pup can join in on the donut fun with the fam!  Your pups will think this dog donut is PAW-some!

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Frozen Bone Broth treats

What are the benefits of bone broth for your pup?  It supports their gut health and digestion!  Bone broth contains gelatin which helps to restore and protect their gut lining.  This helps to prevent leaky gut and improve digestion.  Bone broth can be a great addition to your pups healthy diet and lifestyle, however make sure to choose one specifically created for dogs.

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Banana Ice Pops

All you need here is peanut butter, a couple of overripe bananas, and some plain yogurt! Plus a bone of choice to use as a pupsicle stick.

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Frozen cat safe recipes

We wouldn’t forget the kitties….they like to beat the heat too!  And we would NEVER leave those tiny tigers out of the summer fun.

Don’t miss the cameo from Carole Baskin’s own Big Cat Rescue on how to make Big Cat Pops.  That’s a real treat.

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P.S.  This is just your friendly reminder that treats are just that….treats.  They are meant to be an occasional way to reward your fur-babes.  Every pet is different, so please make sure to consult with your vet if you have any dietary concerns.