Senior Pet Month: Caring for Your Senior Pet at Home

Senior Pet Month: Caring for Your Senior Pet at Home

November is senior pet month, and we’re celebrating by sharing the tips pet professionals use to care for senior fur babies at home. As pets age, they need extra TLC to stay healthy and happy. Here are some helpful things to know as your pet enters the golden years.


Common Ailments To Look For In Senior Pets 

  • Obesity in a pet can impact their mobility and cause serious health problems. Help prevent obesity by providing a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise. 
  • Arthritis can be a painful part of a pet’s golden years. Look for signs such as difficulty standing or sitting, hesitancy to climb or jump, showing interest in a particular limb, and decreased activity tolerance. Give your pet orthopedic bedding or a stair step for climbing to help manage the pain of arthritis. 
  • Vision and hearing loss can occur in aging pets as it does in humans, but there are ways to support your pet as their vision or hearing diminish. Keep food and water bowls in the same place to help a pet who is losing sight. Introduce hand signals for a pet with hearing loss. 


Administering Medication At Home

Because pets don’t always enjoy taking medicine, try hiding it in a treat or food when administering it at home.


Keeping senior pets happy and healthy

A comfortable life is key to a pet’s happiness! Everything from good nutrition to extra doses of love will help keep your pet happy and healthy as they age. Your Pet Concierge can help keep your fur baby 


When to seek veterinary care

Many pet care professionals recommend visits twice a year for senior pets. As you notice changes (like the ones above) or have concerns, you may need more frequent visits. Discuss the frequency with your pet care professional. 


How a pet care professional can help

A pet care professional can help you with vaccination schedules, help you make environmental adaptations, and help care for your pet’s overall physical and behavioral needs. Be sure to include a professional in your pet’s care plan. 


There is much you can do to help your pet live out their golden years. We know you’re busy, and there are lots to do. 

Let Woofin’ It Pet Concierge help! Your Pet Concierge can keep your senior furry baby healthy and active with daily walks and lots of attention. Address their needs early and embrace this stage, knowing there is support for you and your pet!