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Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your Best Friend’s Best Friend! Is that a new acronym? BFBF? We would love to have your feedback. It will help us and others who rely on reviews and references to help them decide on services. Woofin’ It works hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. If we have not achieved that, we want to know. Please contact Joanna@woofinitdogwalking.com.   If you are delighted, please click below.

Where do we begin?! Woofin’ it is hands down the best pet concierge you could ever ask for. We’ve had several people that have walked our dogs and stumbled across Joanna and crew at Woofin’ it. We have three boxers and one is on several medications that they administer with no problem. We also have one that’s a little unpredictable, and they handle her with ease. They come over last minute if I get overtime and deal with our crazy schedule’s with no complaints.

A month ago one of our dogs had a mast cell tumor removed. Jenna came over in the evenings when I worked a 24 hour shift just to help my wife deal with the dogs and our baby. They also changed our pups bandages where the tumor was. A couple of days ago, we came home to a pumpkin with the sweetest note and candy for Halloween.

Not only do they walk our dogs and take care of them as their own, they have truly become family to us!

Karey and Amber T

Frederick, MD

Woofin It has a great set of people that have taken care of my dog during the evenings as well as over the weekend. They send pictures and give updates, and I can tell my dog enjoys the extra company. I have been very happy with them!

Gillian H.

Frederick, MD

I was extremely happy with Woofin’ It Pet Concierge. They came daily for walks, pets and playtime with my Golden retriever. I really appreciated how they would send pictures and feedback for every visit. I never had that with my previous pet sitters. It was so comforting and sometimes would make me laugh while at work. I will continue to use them for my fur baby.

Pat R.

Frederick, MD

I have been a customer of Woofin’ It for quite some time now, and I am very happy with every aspect of their service. They take extremely good care of my dog, and they pay special attention to all of my requests about her care. My dog is an older lady now, and Joanna and her team are all about her well-being. Every time they come to take care of my dog, I get a lot of pictures and a note about what is happening during each visit. I can safely leave on a trip knowing that my dog is well taken care of, and given lots of attention and affection.

In addition to taking wonderful care of my dog, Woofin’ It is very responsive and accommodating to my requests for schedule changes. It is very easy to manage my payments to them through their portal and they are a professional team who work hard to take the best care of their clients.

Deidre L.

Frederick, MD

We recently discovered Woofin’it, a wonderful local pet walking service.
From our initial meeting with the owner and our assigned pet concierge to the office coordinator, we have been pleased by this professional organization and the warm care provided to our dog. The app for scheduling, billing and communications has been easy to navigate. We love the photos and texts with each dog walk too. Thank you for your services!

Eileen and Bruce

Frederick, MD

My husband and I employed Woofin’ It to care of our 2 old Labrador Retrievers while we were at work and even sometimes on the weekends when we were out too long. Not only were they exceptionally dependable but the care and compassion they gave to our beloved dogs was outstanding. One of our labs could barely walk as a result of an operation. The gentle and caring people from Woofin’ It, especially the owner, would help her up out of bed, walk her around our yard, helping her to regain her ability to walk, put her back to bed then take the other lab for her walk. Daily pictures and reports were very helpful in the convalescence of our cherished dogs. When it was time to put our dogs down, Woofin’ It even donated to a lab rescue in their names. I highly recommend Woofin It’s services.


Woodsboro, MD

Don’t leave home without first calling Woofin’ It!! They were great!! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my new boxer mix rescue when I went out of town. Woofin’ It came to the rescue!! I got daily updates with pictures on their walks and activities on how my boy was doing. You get assigned a dedicated Pet Concierge so that your best friend knows who is coming when it is time to walk and/or stay the night. I will definitely use Woofin’ It again!!

Jody Y and Jaxon

Frederick, MD

We have been using Woofin’ It for Izzy for over a year now, and we couldn’t be happier with the level of care they provide her every day! We feel like Jenna loves Izzy as much as we do and getting the pictures from their visits every day is that added level of service that we love! To see that Izzy is out and playing and being loved on while we are at work really puts our minds at ease.
Thank you Woofin’ It for taking the very best care of our fur-baby!!

Brittany, Sam and Izzy K

Frederick, MD

Woofin’ It came into our lives at the perfect time. I had just gone back to work and our dog Ace was suddenly left home long days, all alone. Woofin’ It worked out a flexible visit schedule, showers our dog with love and sends us daily pics of our happy boy! Woofin’ It gives us the peace of mind that our dog is being loved and treated like family. In the two years since we found Woofin’ It, they have become family, watching Ace during vacations, overnight trips, and even short notice emergencies. Their flexibility, dependability and trustworthiness has been amazing!

Jason and Crystal K

Walkersville, MD

I have used the dog walking services of Woofin’ It on several occasions. Joanna and her team are very professional, reasonably priced, very accommodating. Most of all they took such great care of our dog and treated her like their own. They spent quality time with her not just going on walks but playing with her and giving her some quality 1:1 time. They even sent me a daily picture which was always so cute.

I highly recommend using Woofin’ It up for your pet sitting needs, it’s worth it to know your animals are well taken care of.

Michelle D (Izzy Girl)

Frederick, MD

Joanna and Jenna have been amazing care takers for our puppy Logan while we are away at work during the day. Not only does Logan have a blast every day on his afternoon walk, he gets personal play time and the same love and care that we provide him! Joanna and Jenna are extremely responsive and trustworthy, and I look forward to their daily updates with details on how their time was spent along with plenty of photos of our happy and worn out puppy!

Helene S. (Logan)

Frederick, MD

I absolutely love using Woofin’ It to care for my dogs when I am out of town. Joanna is very prompt and spends quality time with my babies. I love how she sends me pictures so I can see how they are doing. My Bailey is a very skittish dog, coming from an abusive home. Joanna has so much patience and love for the dogs that Bailey is so excited to see her now. I wouldn’t use anyone else to care for them. I would give a 10 out of 10 stars.

Kathleen E (Bailey)

Walkersville, MD

We have two mixed rescue Pitbull and we were in need of a dog walker. Considering They are Pitbulls and are really energetic we needed someone who has had experience dealing with dogs of that nature. Joanna came to meet them and instantly they fell in love with her. Joanna is a trustworthy, professional and she treats my dogs as if they were her own. She is the perfect dog walker.

Vivian R. (King and Georgia)

Frederick, MD

Joanna is very reliable and personable. Stays to make sure my cats have had enough play time, and will notify you promptly if anything seems wrong! Highly professional, I strongly recommend!!!

Jenna W. (River)

Frederick, MD

Joanna Price is loyal, honest and her job is her passion.  She loves dogs and interacting with them.

She has walked Lady for an entire season and is always prompt, diligent in sending photos and is a friend of the family.  Lady wasn’t always a Lady, but with Joanna working with her she’s developing manners like a lady.


Shelley P. (Lady)

Frederick, MD